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Vayyar Chip

Vayyar’s In-Cabin Safety Solution Delivers Multifunctionality on a Single-Chip Platform

4D imaging radar platform enhances safety, reduces complexity, lowers risk and offers significant cost savings

Vayyar is advancing its mission of protecting every life on the road with the auto industry’s first in-cabin safety ‘combo’ solution. Powered by a single sensor, it’s designed to prevent both the “hot car” incidents that have claimed the lives of thousands of children as well as the countless deaths and injuries caused by vehicle occupants neglecting to wear seat belts.

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RF Technology in a Complete Glass Package

A Germany-based consortium of seven partners from industry and research is now offering an alternative solution to integrating sensor circuits on application specific integrated circuits (ASICs) via a research project for radar sensors for industrial and process measurement technology, titled "Glass interposer technology for highly compact electronic systems for high frequency applications" (GlaRA).

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5G smartphone market

How the RF Front-end World is Being Ruled in the 5G Era

5G will reshape consumer electronics RF front-ends, but not only that. After improving mobile broadband experience on smartphones and connecting the unconnected on a broadband network (through FWA for example), network operators intend to extend their business footprint across other market verticals, including industrial automation and automotive connectivity. These new business opportunities are becoming addressable thanks to the coverage and implementation work done through consumer 5G today.

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EuMW2020 Virtual Event

EuMW Announces Virtual Event for EuMW 2020

EuMW selects vFairs advanced graphical platform to enable networking, learning, and exhibition in lieu of in-person event this year

In light of the global pandemic, growing numbers of cases in Europe, and related measures imposed by the respective authorities, European Microwave Week (EuMW) organizers have decided to make EuMW 2020 a virtual event this year while simultaneously planning for the next in-person event in London in October of 2021.

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