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CAES Swissto12

CAES and SWISSto12 Launch Strategic Alliance for 3D Printed RF Technology

CAES and SWISSto12, the leading provider of 3D printed technology for RF applications in the aerospace and defense industry, announced today a strategic alliance to enable CAES to bring additive manufacturing and 3D printing technology to US customers. The alliance grants CAES exclusive license to SWISSto12’s patents, trade secrets, and product designs for the US market. CAES and SWISSto12 will work together with US customers on new designs to meet the high-performance requirements of future missions.

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Leveraging the 5G Network to Wirelessly Power IoT Devices

Rotman Lens-based ‘Rectenna’ Capable of mmWave Harvesting at 28-GHz With High Efficiency From All Directions for First Time

Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have uncovered an innovative way to tap into the over-capacity of 5G networks, turning them into “a wireless power grid” for powering IoT devices that today need batteries to operate.

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Tatsuo Itoh

In Memory of Tatsuo Itoh

Professor Itoh passed away on 4 March 2021. Dr. Itoh was a Fellow of the IEEE, a member of the Institute of Electronics and Communication Engineers of Japan, and Commissions B and D of USNC/URSI.

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