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Dalian Dalicap Technology Co., Ltd., located in Dalian of China, one of the famous industrial bases, is a professional enterprise specializing in R&D, manufacturing, and sales of multi-layer ceramic capacitors (MLCC). Dalicap is also a leading supplier of Hi-Q, RF/Microwave MLCC applied, especially in the fields of MR, semiconductor device, industrial laser equipment, testing and analyzing instruments, high-speed railway, and 4G/5G PA, etc.

With more than 30-year experience of in MLCC, Dalicap is committed to providing high performance, high-reliability products to customers around the world. The R&D and engineering teams have extensive experience in quick response to the customized request. We are proud to have individually-owned core raw materials formula and technology to support the product design, R&D and testing, as well as a stable manufacturing process. The company has a unique RF lab, by RF simulation and individual RF testing method to guarantee product realization.

To better service customers, wherever you are in Asia, EU or NA, Dalicap has a wide network to secure the in-time delivery and technical solutions to customers across the world.

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Contact: Leo
Title: Sales Manager
Phone: (86)186-4092-9574


Dalian Dalicap Technology Co., Ltd.
No.10 Guangming West Street
Economic &Technological, Development Area
Dalian, 116630
(9) Capacitor Asssemblies Selection

Capacitor Assemblies Offering

Capacitors have typical application fields such as high-power RF, medical electronics, broadcast, semiconductor manufacturing, high magnetic environments, and inductive heating.

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(8)DLC Broadband Capacitor

Broadband Capacitors

Broadband capacitors are used in the "signal integrity" market -- optoelectronics/high-speed data; ROSA/TOSA (Transmit/Receive optical subassemblies); SONET (Synchronous Optical Networks); and more.

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DLC Single Layer Chip Capacitor

Product features include gold wire bonding, conducting resin and it is suited for AuSn Eutectic sodering.


General Purpose Non-Magnetic Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors

General purpose non-magnetic multilayer ceramic capacitors with product features such as Non-magnetic, and suitable for MRI.