Anritsu Company introduces the MS27201A Remote Spectrum Monitor series that includes the industry’s first remote spectrum monitor that covers 43.5 GHz to support new satellite downlink bands. Combining high RF performance with supporting PC software, the MS27201A series delivers a unique package for long-term monitoring in a variety of commercial and regulatory environments.

The MS27201A series includes 9 GHz and 20 GHz remote spectrum monitors, in addition to the 43.5 GHz model. A wide 110 MHz measurement bandwidth to support common satellite downlink spans complements the 43.5 GHz model. With a displayed average noise level (DANL) of -164 dBm and a third-order intercept point (TOI) of typically +20 dBm, all the remote spectrum monitors assure accurate signal detection and measurement integrity.

A standard PC GUI with the familiar Anritsu spectrum analyzer interface allows users to control multiple instruments and view current spectrum from a single location. As an alternative, Anritsu can have the remote spectrum monitors interface with the MX280001A Vision software. Common trace capture and data storage applications are included in Vision software, eliminating the need for users to develop custom software.

Anritsu also supplies an IQ capture feature that allows users to conduct detailed off-line post-processing on signals of interest. Optional LTE and 5G demodulation software further expand monitoring capability, as does VSA software that allows modulation quality measurements to be made on narrowband signals in accordance with industry standards.

The MS27201A series ensures reliable, 24/7 continuous spectrum monitoring over a wide geographic area. A built-in watchdog timer resets the instrument in the event of a software interruption. Should a power disruption occur, the instrument will resume immediate operation with no user intervention required.

The MS27201A spectrum monitors are standard 19-inch rack wide and 2U tall, so they can slot directly into test system racks using minimal space. The instruments are powered from a supplied 15-Watt power block that minimizes rack temperature gain.

Designed for Multiple Spectrum Monitoring  Environments  

The MS27201A series is targeted at the increasingly demanding requirements of spectrum owners and spectrum regulators. The remote spectrum monitors deliver stable performance in a variety of applications, including spectrum clearing, shared spectrum monitoring, satellite ground station monitoring, critical site security, interference monitoring, and regulatory enforcement.