Anokiwave, Inc. introduced its fourth generation high efficiency multi-band Si-based IC family. The new IC family greatly pushes the levels of performance and cost to a point where network operators can start to accelerate the builds of greener, lower cost and smaller form factor mmWave 5G radios, for every 3GPP FR2 band. 

The first ICs this family are the 24 to 30 GHz AWMF-0221, a dual-quad channel, dual polarization beamforming IC, and the AWMF-0210, a wideband IF up-/down-converter IC. The two ICs together provide a complete mmWave to IF signal chain solution for n257, n258, and n261 frequency bands (24 to 30 GHz) while meeting all 3GPP specs, supporting high signal and 5G NR modulation bandwidths as well as 802.11ac/802.11ax waveforms for private wireless networks. The new ICs offer a unique combination of industry’s highest linear power and output efficiency. This fourth generation marks the continued year over year innovation and leadership delivering ICs that truly enable higher performing, lower cost, smaller form factor and greener 5G radios.  

The new ICs offer a wide range of benefits for 5G OEMs and network operators, such as:

  • Unique combination of industry’s highest efficiency and linear power, enabling smaller and lower cost radios
  • Multiple 5G bands, n258 and n257/n261, covered in a single IC to reduce the number of radio SKUs 
  • Advanced digital and telemetry functions for array level optimization and DC power controls
  • Kinetic Green™ for dynamic array and attenuator controls, which lower the array’s energy consumption
  • Patented ZERO-CAL® function that eliminates the need for array level calibration, thereby greatly increasing manufacturing line-yields of 5G radios and reduce overall radio cost 
  • Patented Fast Beam Steering™ for fast antenna beam directional change and 3GPP compliance.

“With 5G mmWave infrastructure poised to increase exponentially in the next few years, Anokiwave’s technology provides a comprehensive signal chain solution for 5G arrays optimized for each use case,” said Robert S Donahue, Anokiwave CEO. “We have taken the learning from three previous generations to advance the state of the art in RF and DC performance and lowered the total cost of ownership by > 30 percent of customer antennas with our Gen-4. This is recognized by our customers as we have multiple design wins already that are ramping in 2022.”


The new ICs are available and recommended for new designs. Anokiwave offers evaluation kits that include complete and fully tested evaluation boards, ICs, USB-SPI interface module with drivers, graphical user interface and all required cables.