Arbe Robotics Ltd., a leader in next-generation imaging radar solutions, announced the launch of the final RF chipset production configuration, which increases range, reduces power consumption and offers the industry-first combination of design flexibility with ultra-high-resolution, providing optimal performance across driving scenarios and customer verticals, including commercial vehicles and trucks.

The new RF chipset delivers the best radar image quality on the market, enhancing the company’s offering with long range sensing and high sensitivity, reducing power consumption significantly, while ensuring stability of performance and auto calibration across the entire automotive temperature range. Arbe’s RF solution detects various objects in complicated use cases such as: a vehicle under a bridge, a tire on the road, a pedestrian near a guardrail and it detects a motorcyclist over 250 m away and more. The design flexibility and new features deliver unmatched levels of safety in a wide range of driving scenarios and customer verticals, including delivery robots and commercial vehicles like trucks, which have unique safety requirements.

“Arbe is constantly pushing the envelope to provide our customers with perception radar that surpasses any other radar solution on the market by leaps and bounds,” said Kobi Marenko, CEO of Arbe. “Our perception radar is designed to provide the highest level of performance and safety to all automotive verticals, including passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, trucks and delivery robots.” 

Key new transmitter chip features include: 

  • Best-in-class output power of 12.5 dBm from a single channel, allowing long range detection of over 300 m with a single beam
  • Support for simultaneous transmission from multiple channels, which can increase the detection range of pedestrians and two wheelers to 350 m, and vehicle detection to 800 m, and provides the flexibility in radar waveform design for optimal performance across verticals like trucks and other commercial vehicles and driving use cases
  • Beamforming, which increases the ability to detect small objects at a long range by transmitting from multiple channels, is useful in developing free space mapping facing forward or backward, and in driving scenarios such as unprotected left turns, T junction turning and highway merging. Beamforming is available in 12*16 radars, but due to the low channel count, it results in a reduction of the MIMO array size, and hence reduces resolution and increases sidelobes. Arbe’s 48*48 radar solution offers 10x MIMO channels and is able to increase the flexibility of radar design while not compromising resolution
  • 50 percent reduction power consumption per chip.

Key new receiver chip features include: 

  • Stability over the entire automotive temperature range of -40 °C to +125 °C  
  • Over 50 percent power consumption reduction/per chip, exceeding all other solutions in power consumption per channel
  • Reduction of noise figure to 11 dB, which is the best noise figure in the industry. The high sensitivity of the system contributes to the enhanced range as well as the ability to detect small objects
  • ASIL-B, AEC-Q100, and Automotive Grade 2 and Grade 1 ready.

Arbe’s proprietary RFIC chipset leverages the latest RF processing technology and state-of-the-art RF performance at the lowest cost per channel. Arbe’s high-resolution relies on 48 transmitting and 48 receiving antennas to create a wide, 2304 virtual channel array, which natively achieves high dynamic range and avoids angular ambiguities and phantom objects. The ultra-high-resolution allows the system to track moving objects, map the environment and detect stationary obstacles, generating free space mapping for easy path planning while providing accurate localization.