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Forecast: Global Macrocell Baseband Shipments to Grow 11% in 2019

>10x increase in 5G NR BBUs

EJL Wireless Research says shipments of digital baseband units (BBU) declined 23 percent in 2018 compared to 2017, the first decline in six years. However, the firm forecasts net BBU shipment growth of 11 percent in 2019, consisting of a modest 6 percent for LTE BBU shipments and greater than a 10x increase for 5G NR BBU shipments.

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Chinese Carriers Connect 960M Devices to IoT Networks

Chinese mobile operators are leading IoT deployments, already connecting nearly 960 million devices for mass market applications in smart home, smart industry and smart city solutions. According to GSMA Intelligence, China is the world’s largest IoT market, with 64 percent of the 1.5 billion global cellular connections, including mobile IoT licensed low power wireless access technologies.

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