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GaAs: A Technical Breakthrough Pushed by Photonics

Yole deeply investigates GaAs wafer and epiwafer technologies and related industries, and proposes its new technology and market analysis report: GaAs Wafer and Epiwafer Market: RF, Photonics, LED, Display and PV Applications 2020, providing a deep understanding of the GaAs industry and define GaAs wafer and epiwafer market dynamics.

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New ‘buffer-free’ Concept for GaN-on-SiC High Electron Mobility Transistors Reveals Competitive Efficiency

In a new joint study with the Chalmers University of Technology Department of Microtechnology and Nanoscience, SweGaN explored QuanFINE® epitaxial wafer performance, based on GaN HEMT technology at Chalmers, Gothenburg, Sweden. The study revealed that the new concept using a total GaN layer thickness of 250 nm does not compromise the material quality and device performance.

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GaN featr

Driven by Military Applications and 5G Telecom Infrastructure, GaN RF Continues Growing

Extracted from: GaN RF market: applications, players, technology, and substrates 2020 report, Yole Développement

“In the past few years, RF applications have received a boost from the implementation of GaN technology,” asserts Ezgi Dogmus, PhD. Technology & Market Analyst at Yole Développement (Yole). “The main GaN RF market drivers remain telecom and defense applications.” The total GaN RF market will increase from US$740 million to more than US$2 billion by 2025, with a CAGR of 12%.

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From Mixers to MMICs Podcast, Part 1 of 3

How Marki Microwave Evolved into a Cutting Edge MMIC Company

Microwave Journal editors Pat Hindle and Gary Lerude talk with Marki Microwave CEO, Chris Marki, and Director of Products, Doug Jorgesen, about the evolution of the company from a hybrid mixer company to a cutting edge MMIC company. 

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