Passive Components

Ultra Linear Bandpass Filters

A new product line of ultra linear bandpass filters has been introduced that utilize patent pending cross coupling to reduce time delay and phase distortion up to 90 percent. The filters typically utilize a 12-section filter with two inductive and two capacitive non-adjacent couplings to equalize and flatten the...
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2003 Connector, Cable and Cable Assembly Survey

This is the first survey of connectors, cables and cable assemblies sponsored by Microwave Journal. We hope to update it annually with increased industry participation.
On December 13, 2002, we sent a questionnaire to 75 companies that provide products and services in this field, with a response deadline of January 11th. We used e-mail rather than the USPS so that we would have feedback that all the questionnaires were received. On January 3, 2003,...
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Precision Test Cable Assemblies to 40 GHz

The Accu-Testâ„¢ products are a family of precision cable assemblies that are designed for use in the DC to 40 GHz frequency range, intended to facilitate accurate measurements and exhibit low loss characteristics at a competitive price for precision test and measurement applications. The family is currently comprised of...
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MIM Technology for RF Connector Production

When developing and producing complex RF connector housings, costs can be high and the process complex due to the sheer number of required machined metal components and the diversity of the necessary assembly. However, these difficulties can be overcome by employing molded injected metal (MIM) technology for connector manufacturing....
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Developing Sophisticated Models for Capacitors, Inductors and Other Passive Components

It is useful to model the non-ideal characteristics of capacitors, inductors and other passive components by using multi-element "schematics," where each element represents some portion of the device's behavior. Traditional models for these devices suf...
Traditional capacitor and inductor models have consisted of two or three elements (capacitor examples are shown in Figure 1 ). The two-element models provide a simple way to define the device. From a circuit designer's viewpoint, the two-element models may suffice for applications where the component is being used...
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RF Coplanar Probe Basics

Explanation of the construction, characteristics and usage of coplanar waveguide probes
Coplanar waveguide probes, also referred to as coplanar probes, are the method of choice for launching RF signals on and off a wafer. This article explains their construction, RF characteristics and proper usage. Before the advent of coplanar probes, finding the RF behavior of a die on a wafer...
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A Modular Switch Filter Bank

A new modular switch filter bank is featured
For many years switch filter banks have been designed as custom RF assemblies with long lead-time, large NRE charges and extreme custom packaging and specifications. A new modular approach to switch filter bank design has been introduced that provides the design engineer with the opportunity to maintain a custom...
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