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A Digitally Compensated TCXO with Low Phase Noise Characteristics

A digitally compensated technology that can be utilized to produce less expensive high performance quartz crystal oscillators compared to those built in application-specific ICs due to the lower cost investment and more flexibility in component choice
Technical Feature A Digitally Compensated TCXO with Low Phase Noise Characteristics Eric Jacquet, Jean-Pierre Bardon and Olivier Bignon Please click here to view the pdf file of the Technical Feature...
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Around the Circuit

Around the Circuit Industry News Alcatel has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire wide area networking solution designer and manufacturer Newbridge Networks Corp. The acquisition is subject to Newbridge shareholders’ approval of a merger agreement that will allow for the ultimate conversion of each Newbridge share into 0.81...
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New Literature

New Literature Advanced Filter Solution Brochure This four-page brochure contains information on the company’s 300 to 3500 MHz ceramic or dielectric resonator filters, DC to 5 GHz LC filters and 500 MHz to 40 GHz cavity filters. An overview of the company’s manufacturing capabilities and a facility description are...
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Components Chip on Board IC Control Switch The model ASOO6M2-93 single-pole, double-throw switch is manufactured in small packages for greater freedom in layout and circuit design and features reduced parasitics, enabling the same package to be used for applications from DC to 6 GHz without degradation in performance. The...
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Amplifiers High Isolation Distribution Amplifiers The model FE-7923A low cost,10-channel sinewave distribution amplifier operates from 1 through 10 MHz. Designed to meet stringent satellite ground station requirements, the amplifier offers low phase and amplitude noise bursts with isolation greater than 100 dB. The unit operates from a 115 V...
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Antennas Millimeter-wave Sector Antennas The WavShapr™ antennas are available for 24, 26, 28, 31 and 38 GHz operation with ultra-low cross-polarization. Designed using internally developed genetic optimization techniques that result in good antenna performance, the antennas offer extremely flat amplitude within the azimuth coverage region and extensive sidelobe suppression...
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Integrated Circuits

Integrated Circuits Integrated Data Tuner Solution This low power, high performance integrated data tuner solution consists of an integrated upconverter with a surface-acoustic wave filter and an integrated downconverter with a dual-synthesizer. The tuner conserves printed circuit board real estate while enabling high speed data, video and voice-over-cable and...
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Sources Dielectric Resonator Sources The company’s dielectric resonator sources are designed with the lowest phase noise at the lowest cost. Internal reference models are available up to ±5 ppm stability. (Phase-locked sources over 27 GHz also are available.) Special options include two outputs and a separate reference module to...
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Processing Equipment

Processing Equipment Laser Stencil The LPKF StencilLaser/Polymer enables the production of polymer SMD stencils while drastically reducing print rejects due to better paste release, especially in fine pitch technology. The SMD stencils offer superior board contact during printing process as well as print speeds up to three times faster...
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