RF Micro Devices Inc. introduced the RF5608 WiFi RF front end module (FEM). RFMD’s feature-rich RF5608 FEM delivers superior integration and full final testing to reduce size, simplify development and lower overall cost in high-performance, dual-band applications such as mobile computing and access point WiFi applications.

The dual-band RF5608 integrates components for the 2.4 to 2.5 GHz and 4.9 to 5.85 GHz ISM bands, including power amplifiers (PA), low noise amplifiers (LNA), power detector circuitry and a diplexer with full harmonic filtering. The integrated power detector provides a highly accurate voltage to enable closed loop power control and help reduce system test time and calibration needs. The three-stage PAs provide high linear output power of 18 dBm in the 2.4 to 2.5 GHz frequency range and 16 dBm in the 4.9 to 5.85 GHz frequency range. The PAs are also fully tested, including for DC and RF parameters (including EVM).

The RF5608 also features a full, integrated RF matching network to minimize external SMD requirements and an optimized supply voltage to increase compatibility with multiple applications. The highly integrated RF5608 enables global customers to lower costs, simplify designs and accelerate time-to-market in high-performance WiFi applications.