Nitronex, a leader in the design and manufacture of gallium nitride (GaN)-based RF solutions for high performance applications in the defense, communications and industrial & scientific markets, announces the release of the NRF1 MMIC Process Design Kit (PDK) for Agilent’s Advanced Design System (ADS). Nitronex’s high-performance 0.5 micron GaN HEMT technology, as well as this PDK, provides the necessary active and passive elements to enable the development of monolithic power amplifiers operating up to 6 GHz.

“We are pleased to announce the release of our NRF1 MMIC PDK. We developed the PDK in collaboration with our strategic foundry partners who require high-performance broadband solutions through 6 GHz,” said Ray Crampton, Vice President of Engineering for Nitronex. “The functionality and accuracy offered by the multiple types of scalable active and passive elements included in the process design kit are enabling our strategic foundry partners, as well as Nitronex engineers, to realize the full potential of MMIC products with our NRF1 technology.”

For active elements, the PDK offers fixed and geometrically-scalable GaN HEMTs, as well as scalable multi-finger Schottky diodes. For passive elements, epi and TFR resistors, circular and square inductors, as well as circular and rectangular MIM capacitors are available. The PDK also offers a full transmission line library including backside vias.