EADS Defence & Security (DS) has joined forces with State Security Networks Ltd., operator of the Finnish VIRVE network, to start testing the TETRA Enhanced Data Service (TEDS). The trials are running on a test network with the same characteristics as the live VIRVE authority network, apart from the Fortecor TEDS-capable software. This is the first time that the Fortecor TEDS-capable TETRA system software has been delivered to a customer's network.

Further, the tests rely on the world's first TEDS data radio that EADS Defence & Security recently launched. These tests include tasks related to TEDS subscriber provisioning, activating high-speed data services for users, and measurement and analytics tools. It is planned that the first user organizations will begin with their own TEDS tests towards the end of 2010, running field operational tests on end-to-end applications, both those developed in EADS Defence & Security and those already deployed at the user organizations.

"The authorities' need to use data-intensive applications is on a constant rise. But commercial networks cannot promise a reliable service because any major incident – a natural disaster such as the recent ash cloud from Iceland, an act of violence, or indeed a planned large sports event – can easily cause them to be completely congested," summarized Dirk Borchardt, Head of Security and Communication Solutions at EADS DS. "Our TEDS capable TETRA network, on the other hand, can continue to provide both voice and data services reliably, in these situations.”

“We continuously strive to provide value and trouble-free service to our customers while maintaining optimal cost levels,” said Kimmo Manni, CEO of State Security Networks Ltd. “We know how important data communications are for our customers. We actively research options for high speed data, and these tests allow us to study all aspects of TEDS. In addition, our customers can launch their own tests in the special test network and judge from their own viewpoint if and how TEDS would meet their needs."