Peregrine Semiconductor Corp., a supplier of high performance RF CMOS and mixed-signal communications ICs, announced the new PE43204 2-bit UltraCMOS™ Digital Step Attenuator (DSA). This newest addition to Peregrine’s highly popular DSA portfolio offers best-in-class performance with exceptional attenuation accuracy and linearity, making it ideal for 4G Tx/Rx applications such as cellular base stations and remote radio heads where a DSA is required to adjust the power level. In diversity Rx applications the fast switching PE43204 protects the receive path and prevents overdriving the A/D converter.

The new PE43204 DSA delivers high linearity over temperature and frequency, and is capable of an 18 dB attenuation range in 6 and 12 dB steps. Additionally, taking advantage of Peregrine’s HaRP™ technology, the PE43204 demonstrates no gate lag or phase drift, which delivers exceptionally fast settling time and an input IP3 > +61 dBm at 3 GHz. The PE43204 features a typical switching time of 26 ns with attenuation accuracy of +0.2 dB across a wide operating range of DC to 3 GHz. This is a four-fold improvement compared to GaAs-based alternatives, which have switching speeds of up to 130 nS.

“Leading LTE equipment manufacturers turned to Peregrine to solve their gain control needs for a high linearity, fast switching and settling time DSA which is critical to protecting the receive path in LTE base stations,” said Mark Schrepferman, Director of Communication and Industrial Products for Peregrine Semiconductor. “Peregrine’s new PE43204 DSA leverages the patented UltraCMOS and HaRP technologies to deliver these benefits for reliable and more accurate performance, while also pushing the limits on integration and low power consumption, making it ideal for manufacturers striving to meet the requirements of the LTE specification.”