MI Technologies, a provider of advanced engineering, wireless, precision instrumentation and measurement systems, announced it has entered into an agreement to purchase the majority of the assets and have exclusive rights to all IAM System’s designs and products. Since its inception, IAM Systems has been a designer and manufacturer of microwave reflector systems using the latest metrology and modeling tools. IAM’s reflector products are being used throughout the world to make RF measurements. As part of this move, William (Bill) R. Griffin, Jr., IAM’s owner and principal, will be joining MI Technologies as a senior technologist.

With the addition of IAM Systems’ product techniques and expertise, MI Technologies will have expanded into being the most comprehensive provider of compact range capabilities in the world. MI has all aspects of compact range system implementation expertise including design, analysis, manufacturing, installation, alignment, field probing and services.

“IAM Systems’ advanced engineering techniques bring extensive modeling tools and capabilities to MI Technologies’ already broad expertise,” said John Breyer, President and CEO of MI Technologies. “As a known industry expert, Bill Griffin will be a great addition to MI’s technical team.”

“Today, the talent, experience and technologies that have made our business a leader in the industry, in combination with IAMs’ precision reflector techniques, will provide the industry a single source for all aspects of compact range implementation expertise," Breyer said.