Molex Inc. announced that it has purchased the equipment assets of the Motorola Antenna/EMC Measurement Lab in Aalborg, Denmark. The lab has state-of-the-art antenna and EMC measurement equipment, including anechoic chambers, an EMC chamber and a SAR system. Molex will utilize the lab for RF research projects to further advance Molex antenna technologies for wireless applications.

“Molex’s consumer electronics customers are continually innovating and need equally innovative suppliers to support their development process,” said Ellen Maassen, Antenna Business Unit Director, Molex Inc. “The Motorola antenna/EMC measurement lab is a strategic extension of the innovative product and service offerings we deliver to consumer electronics customers every day – particularly as wireless technologies become a standard in many consumer and business applications. This purchase enhances our antenna technology efforts and confirms our commitment to invest in technologies to support our customers.”

Separately, Molex will hire engineers and technicians to operate the chambers and test equipment, which will further boost Molex’s research efforts. Additionally, the EMC testing capability reinforces Molex’s role as a leading antenna supplier.

The facility supports the continued global expansion of Molex’s antenna business, which designs, develops and manufactures custom antennas and antenna assemblies for wireless applications. Molex technical experts work through all projects phases with customers to determine cost-effective ways of designing wireless antenna solutions while ensuring quick time-to-market. Molex uses the state-of-the-art technology and a combination of its latest patented technologies, lean manufacturing techniques, custom automation and vertical integration to deliver products of the highest quality, reliability and performance.