With the help of LPKF Laser & Electronics AG, Molex Inc. has shipped the company’s 20 millionth antenna manufactured by LDS technology. The company manufactures three dimensionally shaped cell phone antennae made using the LDS method, which was developed by LPKF. The process uses single-component injection molded parts as the starting material. A laser beam takes only a few seconds to write the electronic circuit layout on the surface of the plastic component. The structure activated in this way is then metalized.

The LDS method has full 3D-capability, LDS components occupy the shape that is made available as the function follows the form and because of the laser structuring, any changes to the layout can be carried out without changing any tools. The technology also boasts very high levels of efficiency: short cycle times, maintenance-free and rugged laser systems capable of 24/7 operation and low reject rates.

After reaching the 20 millionth antenna landmark Ellen Maassen, Antenna Business Unit Director at Molex, stated, “We have been involved in the development of molded interconnect devices for ten years, and played a part in the breakthrough of this technology on the market.”

Commenting on the two companies’ cooperative efforts Nils Heininger, Vice President PCB/MID equipment at LPKF stated, “LPKF and Molex work together on the further development of LDS technology. This has helped Molex become the main producer of LDS antennae, and acquire an enormous range of process expertise”.