Orbit Technology Group has won an order, in excess of $4 M, to supply Ku-band (brand name OrSat) and C-band Marine Satellite Communication systems to the French Navy. The Marine Satellite Communication systems offer a number of significant features. Utilizing an exclusive modular mechanical design that is compact and efficient, the systems provide high bandwidth always-on connectivity.

OrSat has Eutelsat, Intelsat and Anatel type approvals and boasts no keyholes for continuous zenith-horizon communications. With built-in GPS and RF packages, the system does not require system balancing and is easy to install, operate and maintain.

The systems will provide the French Navy with continuous, high speed, two-way connectivity for reliable reception and transmission of voice, data and Internet connection, in harsh environmental conditions. Orbit was selected for its extensive and proven experience in the field of satellite communications, its unique and advanced technologies, and its systems' ability to provide continuous connectivity.

“We are very pleased with this important addition to previous Orbit contracts with other leading European navies," said Avi Cohen, Orbit’s President and CEO. "Our success in winning this tender underscores our technological capabilities in the field of satellite communication. We continue to demonstrate that with Orbit's antenna systems, navies obtain the dependable and comprehensive coverage, critically important for today's threat filled environment."