Orbit Technology Group and Milano Teleport have announced an additional order for Orbit's OrSat systems, worth in excess of $1.6 M. This is an add-on order to an original contract of $1.9 M. As a result of Orbit’s increasing sales in Italy, both companies have also signed a service agreement aimed at bolstering and streamlining on-location product support.

OrSat (AL-7103 MK II) is a Ku-band maritime stabilized antenna claimed to offer the largest gain possible for an antenna that is enclosed inside a 1.28 m radome. This efficient, service oriented, mature and proven system forms an active and integral part of Milano Teleport’s ISeaGlobal broadband marine communication platform. Good quality and seamless worldwide coverage is ensured through an in-house iDirect hub and multi-operator satellite fleet.

Dr. Ehud Netzer, Orbit’s CEO, commented, “Milano Teleport’s order for these additional systems underscores the growing global success of our system as a result of our ongoing commitment to offer unique, state-of-the-art products of the highest quality.”

An additional ingredient of the new agreement is that Milano Teleport will provide service and technical support as the Advanced Service Centre (ASC) of Orbit in Italy. The ASC will ensure a high level of service and customer technical support to its clients. This new ASC joins the growing network of service centers operated by the company worldwide and allows both it and Milano Teleport to strengthen their market positions.