SWE-DISH Satellite Systems AB, a DataPath® company specializing in compact, quick-to-air and easy-to-use mobile satellite communications (SATCOM) equipment, has been granted US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) licenses for its Drive-Away CCT120 and Suitcase® CCT120 SATCOM terminals. The licenses are for all authorized US licensed satellites (ALSAT) listed on the FCC's Permitted Space Station List.

SWE-DISH tested the Drive-Away CCT120 and Suitcase CCT120 antenna systems at test ranges in Europe and the US to ensure compliance with current FCC requirements. Both terminals are designed with the company’s modular CommuniCase® Technology (CCT) concept and are quick-to-air broadband satellite terminals that feature 1.2 m antennas. The ALSAT licenses assure the systems' deployability for US customers and confirm the systems' high level of performance.

CommuniCase Technology is based on a common modular system architecture that features modems, amplifiers and other transmission and auxiliary components that can easily be switched out and plugged in to another CCT product. This feature enables users to quickly adapt systems for rapidly evolving operational needs.

"The FCC licenses are another important milestone in the development of the CCT120 products," said Lars Jehrlander, CEO of SWE-DISH. "The CCT120 products have met the requirements to operate on some of the most important satellite systems used around the world. As the product line has evolved, SWE-DISH CCT products have demonstrated high quality and performance in addition to the value offered with the flexible and modular CCT design."