SUSS MicroTec Test Systems has entered into a strategic alliance with MPI Corp. and Chain Logic International Corp. of Taiwan. The cooperation includes a relationship among the organizations on a worldwide basis, covering channel distribution of semiconductor test related technologies and products, bi-directional outsourcing as well as development projects that are in alignment with jointly developed and mutually beneficial roadmaps.

“This is a win-win agreement for all organizations as well as our valued customer base,” said Michael Knopp, CFO and member of the management board of SUSS MicroTec AG. “It is in alignment with our business objectives of optimized distribution efficiencies as well as highest product quality with lower cost structures that can be passed along to customers and manufacturing partners. The proven success of the MPI organization will help us better support our Asian customers and at the same time provide a powerful ally in our continuing efforts to improve manufacturing efficiencies.”

Brian Green, chairman of the MPI Group, responded, “MPI is very excited about this agreement as it is in direct alignment with the organization’s strategy for global expansion. SUSS MicroTec is exactly the type of high-quality organization that will help us improve business practices at home and abroad while offering customers the highest return on their investments.”