CAP Wireless Inc., a supplier of high performance microwave and RF amplifiers and amplifier-based subsystems, announces the CHPA0618-1-G45 ultra-broadband spatially combined power amplifier, which provides 40 W of typical saturated power across ultra-broad six to 18 GHz bandwidth. The ability to achieve these solid-state power levels across an extended frequency range is enabled by CAP’s revolutionary, patented Spatium™ broadband spatial combining technology. The Spatium multiple element architecture, which provides protection from single point failures and facilitates even, dispersive, three-dimensional (3D) heat dissipation, makes the CHPA0618-1-G45 a compact, affordable, reliable, solid-state alternative to traveling wave tube amplifiers (TWTA). The device uniquely meets the demanding specifications of applications such as electronic counter measures (ECM), laboratory instrumentation, and electromagnetic compatibility/electromagnetic interference (EMC/EMI) test, as well as narrower band applications like radar, microwave imaging and satellite communications.