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One of a series of liquid cooled, solid-state, high-power amplifiers (HPA) developed by Exodus Advanced Communications, the AMP4066A-LC, covers Ka-Band, i.e., 26.5 to 40 GHz, and provides 40 W output power at 1 dB compression. The linear GaAs FET HPA has 46 dB minimum power gain and 4 dB maximum peak-to-peak flatness when driven with a constant input of 0 dBm.

Liquid cooling yields a smaller and quieter amplifier than an air-cooled HPA with the same output power. Housed in a standard, 5U, 19-in. rack chassis, the AMP4066A-LC HPA is self contained, totally sealed and does not require any external connections to a liquid-to-air heat exchanger.

An optional controller with a front panel, touch screen LCD supports Ethernet TCP/IP, RS422 or RS485 interfaces and, if requested, GPIB or Bluetooth connectivity. The HPA operates from any standard AC power, which is specified when the unit is ordered.

The AMP4066A-LC is an ideal TWTA replacement and well-suited for EMI/RFI susceptibility testing, jammers and Ka-Band communications systems. Other power levels are available within the same family of 26 to 40 GHz amplifiers, as well as amplifiers from 1 MHz to 47 GHz and power levels from 10 W to multi-kW.

Exodus Advanced Communications’ solid-state power amplifiers use discrete LDMOS, GaAs and GaN devices assembled with hybrid chip-and-wire technology and ceramic substrates. In-house capabilities include RF circuit design; system mechanical, electrical and digital circuit design; control software development; and prototype verification.

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