The Exodus AMP6034 series of power amplifiers cover 27 to 29 GHz at saturated power levels of 10, 20, 35 or 40 W. The class A/AB linear design provides excellent gain flatness, low noise figure and low harmonics, supporting all industry standards and modulations and 5G, satellite communications, EW and EMI applications.

A unique feature of the AMP6034 series is the option to add an integrated synthesizer. The frequency is set either from a front panel 7 in. color display or externally via Ethernet, USB or RS422 interface. The internal synthesizer provides both CW and pulsed signals with the capability to use a modulation signal from an external source, which is selected from the display or remote.

The AMP6034 series also offers the option of calibrated power monitoring in watts or dBm, accurate to within ±0.2 dB with an offset correction factor entered by the user. The power can be displayed on the color display or monitored remotely. If the optional calibrated power monitoring is not required, the AMP6034 series includes Exodus’ standard monitoring of forward and reflected power, in watts and dBm.

The 10 and 20 W output power models use standard 2.92 mm (K) female connectors for the RF input and output. For the higher power 35 and 40 W models, the output RF interface is WR-28 waveguide. The AMP6034 series are compact: 2U or 3U high, depending on the output power and other options. The color touchscreen is available for both the 2U and 3U models (Exodus Option DMC). In addition to forward and reflected power, color touchscreen shows system voltages, currents and the operating temperatures of the heat sink and chassis.

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