Tyco Electronics M/A-COM announced a line-up of three new high-power bipolar transistors designed for pulsed avionics and radar applications, ranging from 960 to 1215 MHz. The M/A-COM MAPRST0912-50, MAPRST0912-350 and MAPR-000912-500S00 transistors are ideally suited for pulsed avionics applications such as air traffic control (ATC) systems, distance measurement equipment (DME) and identification friend or foe (IFF) systems.

“The new devices are assembled in a hermetic, ceramic/metal package for high reliability and are optimized for Tactical Air Navigation or similar short pulse formats,” said Gary Lopes, Power Hybrid Products Director and General Manager, Tyco Electronics M/A-COM. “Additionally, the devices are characterized at 960, 1090 and 1215 MHz to ensure optimal performance across the entire avionics frequency spectrum.”