Microphase Corp. announced a high pass filter model HMBC-150HJ with a passband from 0.5 to 18 GHz. The Microphase highpass filter is a breakthrough in filter technology. This miniature device discriminates a desired band of frequencies from all unwanted RF signals below a specified bandpass. The HMBC filter has uses in many types of military applications, including EW, radar and communications systems, as well as aerospace and weather satellite systems.

The main advantages of the Microphase-designed and engineered HMBC highpass filter are its small size and excellent RF performance with extended stopbands. This filter has a cut-off frequency of 0.5 GHz with a passband to 18 GHz. Other important advantages are its excellent frequency and temperature stability, low insertion loss and VSWR and sharp selectivity. This filter provides excellent electrical performance, environmental stability and mechanical reliability, and can be adapted for custom configurations.