SiGe Semiconductor Inc. has announced two radio-frequency (RF) front-end modules for new wireless multimedia services in client access applications, including game consoles, desktop and laptop computers, and home access points. The SE2547A and SE2548A are complete 802.11a/b/g/n WLAN RF front-end modules providing all the functionality required between the transceiver and the antenna in dual-band Wi-Fi systems. The devices each include the necessary power amplifiers, filtering, power detector, diversity switch, diplexers and associated matching circuitry in a fully tested module.

The new front-end modules can be used alone, or in stacked configurations to support multiple stream applications. Two devices can now be integrated into the footprint previously occupied by one. The SE2548A is equipped with a single antenna port allowing it to be used in two-stream-by-two-antenna configuration. The SE2547A provides two antenna ports, allowing two-stream-by-three-antenna or two-stream-by-four-antenna configurations.

Systems based on the SE2547A or SE2548A will achieve excellent performance at transmit power levels of +18 dBm in 2.5 GHz and +17 dBm at 5 GHz. The front-end modules also include a transmitter power detector for each band and transmit chain with 20 dB of dynamic range for each transmit chain. Moreover, the high linearity optimizes transmission of greater data rates over longer distances, thereby allowing systems to support emerging 802.11n applications such as video distribution, video streaming and high-speed data. Each transmit chain has a separate digital enable control pin for transmitter power ramp on/off control to aid in power management.