Anoison wants to change the perception that top-quality test cables are always expensive. The Anoison PT test cable is designed for maximum ruggedness using a high-quality raw cable, connector and smart armoring module. Thus, Anoison offers top-grade test cables at a more reasonable cost.

A great test cable must be durable. While most test cables in the market perform well in pulling and crushing, they often get damaged due to frequent twisting and bending at the cable end. Anoison has  addressed this issue, and the PT cable can withstand frequent twisting and bending over the long term.

A great test cable should maintain stable physical and electrical performance over the long term, even after being bent many times during its working life. The Anoison PT cable can easily undergo 20,000 bending tests; PT18 even passes an extreme test of 100,000 bending cycles (we called it the “snake test”) while maintaining   stable insertion loss.