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The Phoenix Company of Chicago is a manufacturer of RF/Microwave connector and cable assembly products serving aerospace, medical, military, and test & instrumentation markets. Our core product expertise includes blindmate contacts and connectors and is supported by U.S. manufacturing. To accommodate large radial and axial misalignment tolerances found in modular applications, the Phoenix Company of Chicago’s PkZ® series of Blindmate RF Contacts offer an unmatched design; featuring constant impedance up to a .110” axial mating tolerance -the widest available among Blindmate contacts. The PkZ technology no longer requires full mating to achieve constant impedance, eliminating elaborate methods such as an internal spring to overcome mating gaps and guarantee full mating. The PkZ series of constant impedance blindmate RF contacts are designed for a wide range of connector housings including: Multiport RF D-Subminiature and High Density D-Subminiature, DIN 41612, ARINC 600, MIL-DTL-38999 and HD 38999, Very High Density and Custom Housings. Phoenix’s newest product lines include: an array of Very High Density and High Density RF Contacts and Housings, and the expansion of the PkZ series of Blindmate Constant Impedance Contacts of varying sizes, frequencies, and non-magnetic materials. For more information visit:

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Contact: Tina Constas
Title: Marketing
Phone: 800-323-9562


The Phoenix Company of Chicago, Inc. and Affiliated Companies
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