Samtec introduced a new family of edge launch connectors operating as high as 67 GHz. These connectors are commonly used in lab settings for high frequency test and measurement applications, high speed digital component test and evaluation boards. The 185-EL Series operates from DC to 67 GHz, the 240-EL Series operates from DC to 50 GHz and the 292-EL Series operates from DC to 40 GHz. Connector interfaces include 1.85 mm, 2.40 mm and 2.92 mm.

Installing these connectors on the board’s edge makes aligning the launch pin with the circuit trace easier, ensuring better ground alignment to minimize RF leakage. Samtec’s RF edge launch connectors compression mount to the printed circuit board (PCB) without solder. Proper alignment and the elimination of solder improves the signal integrity performance versus soldered edge launch, vertical or angled launch connectors.

The solderless design of the 185-EL, 240-EL and 292-EL Series connectors allows them to be reusable and field replaceable, accommodating up to 500 mating cycles. This feature makes the connectors extremely cost-effective. Samtec’s RF edge launch connectors are easy to install and do not cause damage to a PCB.

The recommended board thickness for Samtec’s solderless RF edge launch connectors is 0.040 to 0.100 in. The recommended board-mount torque is 0.5 to ~ 0.8 in.-lbs. The complete electrical and mechanical data can be found on the product spec sheets for each series.

Samtec offers a full line of off-the-shelf solutions for microwave and mmWave applications from 18 to 110 GHz. Samtec precision RF products support next-generation technology advancements in wireless communication, automotive, radar, satcom, aerospace, defense and test and measurement applications. Customization of products, both quick-turn modifications and new designs, is also available.

New Albany, Ind.