HYPERLABS INC. is expanding its 110 GHz component offerings by introducing a range of new broadband attenuator values and a new 50 Ω termination. The HL9429 attenuator is available in values of 3 dB, 6 dB and 10 dB. These attenuators exhibit flat frequency response with bandwidth from DC to more than 110 GHz, making them an excellent choice for attenuating a wide range of broadband pulsed waveforms in applications like ultra-wideband, noise-like pulses, radar and PAM-4, accommodating high speed serial data signals up to and beyond 224 Gbps. Each attenuator value is available in matched pairs, ensuring excellent amplitude and phase match for use in differential systems. The maximum input power is 20 dBm.

The HL9529 is a 50 Ω termination targeting a wide range of applications. It exhibits good return loss from DC to more than 110 GHz. The HL9529 is useful for terminating unused ports in high bandwidth systems and for metrology applications.

Both products feature 1.0 mm connectors and a square body design compatible with a standard 0.375 in. open-end wrench. The HL9429 attenuator housing with connectors measures 1.141 x 0.377 x 0.377 in. The HL9529 termination housing with connectors measures 0.737 x 0.377 x 0.377 in.

HYPERLABS also offers a 67 GHz version of both products. The HL9427 attenuator and HL9527 termination feature 1.85 mm connectors. Alternate connector configurations and connector series are available upon request.

Founded in 1992 and privately owned, HYPERLABS sells an array of broadband components including baluns, bias tees, DC blocks, power splitters/dividers, attenuators, transition time converters and pick-off tees, operating up to and above 100 GHz. HYPERLABS’ instrumentation line includes pulse generators, TDRs/TDTs, controlled impedance analyzers, signal path analyzers, cable skew testers and samplers/harmonic downconverters.

Beaverton, Ore.