Anritsu has extended its component offering by introducing new W1 coaxial components. The W1 family expands Anritsu’s existing line of passive components with attenuators, power dividers, power splitters and a directional coupler covering up to 110 GHz. These metrology-grade components enable the best performance and repeatability for mmWave measurements.

These new components provide an alternative to waveguide for broadband and mmWave measurements. For example, the test setup for intermodulation distortion (IMD) requires a power divider/combiner to combine two tones. Using a 110 GHz coaxial power divider with a native W1 interface, the user avoids waveguide, reducing interconnects and measurement uncertainty. Depending on the geometry between the interfaces to the device being tested, waveguide geometries can be complex. This is not a problem with a coaxial power divider, whether using an inline or 90 degree connector. Another benefit of using a coaxial power divider covering DC to 110 GHz: it is not band limited.

Designing broadband, mmWave component solutions poses several design challenges when achieving the tight mechanical and electrical specifications. Substrate behavior must be accounted for, as well as attaining the tight mechanical tolerances when manufacturing W1 connectors. Anritsu addresses both with its on-site thin film lab and machine shop capable of precision machining.

Anritsu’s new W1 coaxial components ensure better measurements by providing metrology-grade solutions, delivering a coaxial interface for broadband and mmWave systems, reducing complexity and increasing performance repeatability.