IoT Combination Antennas Redefine Mobile Network Integration

Fairview Microwave presents innovative IoT multiband combination antennas, setting a new industry standard for vehicle, fleet and base station connectivity.

Designed to serve the crux of reliable mobile networks, these antennas come equipped with elements that cover 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi and GPS bands, all unified under a single radome. This advancement is particularly crucial for critical service providers such as emergency teams, first responders and fleet management. By facilitating a steadfast link between moving vehicles and dispatch centers, Fairview Microwave ensures seamless communication even in the most challenging scenarios.

The antennas come furnished with FAKRA and SMA connectors with 17-foot cable leads, making installations and connectivity more efficient. An IP69K rating validates its indoor/outdoor compatibility, ensuring durability and resilience against challenging environmental conditions. Additionally, its MIMO capabilities signify a superior data transmission rate, and the UV stabilized ABS construction ensures longevity, available in both black and white to cater to diverse aesthetic preferences.

The benefits of opting for Fairview’s IoT combination antennas are manifold. With dedicated ports for 4G/5G, Wi-Fi and GPS (supporting up to 10 leads), network configurations become both versatile and robust. The inclusion of GPS/GNSS with an LNA, amplified by a 26 dB gain, ensures optimal location tracking and precise navigational support. Moreover, the indoor/outdoor IP69K rating is a testimony to its durability and adaptability.

“These IoT combination antennas fortify our commitment to powering the next generation of mobile network solutions,” said Product Line Manager Kevin Hietpas. “Our aim has always been to ensure unhindered communication, especially for those on whom countless lives depend, such as first responders and emergency service providers. This product echoes that sentiment.”