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Waveguide Power Dividers

Innovative SPDT Toggle Switches Redefine RF Signal Control and Accessibility

Fairview Microwave announced the release of its waveguide power dividers. They deliver exceptional performance, boasting a voltage standing wave ratio of 1.2:1 and providing an impressive isolation performance of up to 80 dB.

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Standard Gain Horn Antenna Radome Covers

Elevating Outdoor Performance and Signal Protection for Waveguide Horn Antennas

Fairview Microwave has announced its latest product innovation: standard gain horn antenna radome covers. They are designed to enhance the performance of waveguide horn antennas in outdoor settings while safeguarding them from external factors.

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L-Type Antenna Mounts

Fairview Microwave has announced the release of their L-type mounts for standard gain horn antennas.  These essential accessories simplify the antenna mounting process for test and measurement setups, offering convenience and precision to users.

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Military-Grade Antennas

Antennas Bring Unparalleled Performance, Durability and Compliance

Fairview Microwave has announced the launch of its advanced military-grade antennas, including ruggedized GPS, manpack omni and vehicle omni antennas.

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Trihedral Corner Reflectors

Reflectors Enable Precise Radar Cross-Section Measurements and Antenna Testing

Fairview Microwave has announced the release of its new trihedral corner reflectors. These specialized devices are engineered to excel in radar technology and antenna testing, offering invaluable solutions for precise testing and measurement applications.

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