Richardson RFPD, Inc. announced the in-stock availability and full design support capabilities for a new single pole double throw switch from reference design from MACOM Technology Solutions Inc.

The MASW-011152 is an absorptive, ultra-wideband SPDT switch with 2.2 dB of insertion loss at 50 GHz. The RF output ports are terminated in 50 Ω in the isolated path. The power handling capability is +26 dBm. The input and output return losses in the through-path are typically 16 dB. The logic levels are compatible with standard 1.8, 2.5 or 3.3 V CMOS. Required bias supplies are +3.3 V and -3.3 V.

The MASW-011152 is versatile for a range of wideband applications, including test and measurement, aerospace and defense, cellular infrastructure (5G mmWave), military radios, radars, microwave radios and very small aperture terminals.

Additional key features include:

  • Insertion loss: 1.9 dB at 40 GHz, 2.2 dB at 50 GHz, 3.3 dB at 67 GHz
  • Isolation: 48 dB at 40 GHz, 42 dB at 50 GHz, 38 dB at 67 GHz
  • Input P1dB: +28 dBm
  • Input IP3: +52 dBm
  • No low frequency spurious
  • Manufactured on a silicon-on-insulator process
  • 3 mm, 20 pin laminate package (lead-free).