Known as PicoVNA 5 software, Pico Technology Ltd. launched a game-changing new software platform for its widely respected USB-controlled PicoVNA vector network analyzers. Cross-platform and light footprint, PicoVNA 5 will run at speed on Linux, Windows, and macOS and PCs, Macs, and embedded systems, including Raspberry Pi 3. Whatever your VNA application, PicoVNA 5 brings a snappy live presentation of your measurements, your instrument status and your controls; with a crisp, clean focus to optimum results area and your application, with minimal clutter. Using an innovative drag and snap viewport grid, arrange your measurement plots, single or dual axes, across as many individually sized, shaped and positioned plot channels as you wish. At any monitor size and resolution, you can keep a user-configured eye to all the live and stored trace plots that you need; if required an arbitrary mix of frequency and time domain plots.

On-plot parameter controls give direct intuitive access to sensitivities, offsets, reference positions and sweep or time domain parameters. Even the plot type (Log, lin, Smith, polar, phase, etc.) can be changed as you focus on a particular view. Handy on-trace cursor readouts present under mouse or touch hover, allowing precise trace marker drop with a single click for a more permanent readout. Simply drag or click the marker again to access precise editing of the marker, its type, its position, its grouping and the multiple parameter or delta readouts that you need from it.

Within each plot, the user can add a second axis, maximize the plot, add a zoom of frequency or time span or a live spy-glass magnified view. Now you really can see just how tight your impedance matching is on your Smith chart.

Displayed traces and marker readouts are vector or linear interpolated when not snapped to a measure point; and the user has access to several interpolation alternatives to optimize between point plot and measurement integrity, against a particular application.