New RF Power Dividers and RF Couplers Split and Sample Signals

Fairview Microwave recently released a new offering of RF power dividers and RF couplers with excellent power ratings, a variety of configuration options and greater operating frequency ranges. 

The RF power dividers and RF couplers in Fairview’s portfolio provide greater power and more expansive coverage than ever before, with maximum power ratings up to 30 watts and operating frequencies ranging up to 70 GHz. 

The new offering touts a variety of connectorized options, including SMA, N-type, 1.85 mm, 2.4 mm and 2.92 mm connectors as well as three-way, four-way and eight-way configurations.

The RF couplers’ ability to sample signals either forward or in reverse makes them ideal for a variety of applications, including test and measurement, feedback, monitoring and control. 

The signal-splitting capability of Fairview’s RF power dividers allows users to multiply one signal into many signals with minimal loss, making them well suited for distributing power equally across systems. 

“Our customers’ RF systems can now achieve very low loss at high frequencies with significant isolation between ports. These RF power dividers and RF couplers are ideal for a variety of applications, including research labs, test and instrumentation, telecommunications, satellite communications, wireless communications and more,” said Steven Pong, product line manager.