RFHIC’s RIK0960K0-40TG is a GaN solid-state microwave generator designed for various high-power microwave heating and plasma generation applications. The RIK0960K0-40TG is operable across the 900 to 930 MHz operating band and provides an adjustable power range from 1,000 to 60,000 W peak power.  

The microwave generator is a turn-key solution system with thirty-two GaN solid-state power amplifiers and a 162 kW power supply unit.

The RIK0960K0-40TG is built using two standard 30 kW systems combined with an in-house designed T-junction waveguide combiner. Unlike tube-based systems, RFHIC’s RIK0960K0-40TG system provides a frequency accuracy and stability of +/-2.5 ppm resulting in no spurious harmonics. The unit comes with a Window’s GUI software that allows users to control the device via PC. Command files can be provided upon request.