RFHIC released its latest 30 kW, L-Band GaN solid state microwave generator (RIK1330K-40T) ideally designed for high power particle accelerator, LINACs and various scientific equipment. The RIK1330K-40T provides unprecedented power levels of 30 kW, CW peak power with a 53 percent system efficiency. This sub-system is built using our state of the art GaN HEMTs and GaN SSPAs, providing high reliability and excellent thermal stability. The RIK1330K-40T is equipped with a PLL system allowing users the controllability of power, frequency, phase and signal source. This sub-system provides a precise signal at the desired frequency with minimal spurious harmonics resulting in reliable and long-lasting operations. With an adjustable power range from ten to 100 percent of rated output, the RIK1330K-40T maintains high system efficiency at both low and high power. A buildable rack mountable system, using water cooling and pre-equipped with power supply unit. The RIK1330K-40T is the ideal replacement of legacy vacuum tubes like klystrons and TWTAs, offering better reliability since it does not require a high voltage power supply. Custom designs are available upon request.