Amphenol Antenna Solutions, provider of wireless infrastructure for mobile networks, is opening Europe’s first test centre for Open RAN active antennas.

The facility, which features a state-of-the-art MVG SG Evo measurement system, will enable European network operators to validate the interoperability and performance of Open RAN hardware and software and find the best setup for their needs.

Operators will be able to benchmark antennas from different manufacturers, see 3D radiation patterns, check compatibility with backbone networks, run over-the-air end-to-end tests and see the volume of traffic handled and electricity used. The centre will also enable operators to understand the impact of changing a system component and run tests to diagnose and resolve issues in the field.

The facility will be located at Amphenol Antenna Solutions’ European R&D headquarters in Amboise, France. This decision ensures operators have access to a team with 75 years’ experience in antenna design and testing. The location makes it convenient for operators to assemble their multivendor Open RAN teams, although it will also be possible to manage tests remotely.

“Most MNOs have many unanswered questions about the real-world suitability of their planned Open RAN system,” says Mette Brink, CEO of Amphenol Antenna Solutions. “By providing a convenient way to answer these questions, we can help them find an Open RAN setup they are confident to take into the field. Ultimately, we’re helping them get closer to achieving the cost savings and flexibility they want from Open RAN.”

"The SG Evo system installed at Amphenol Antenna Solutions’ European R&D headquarters is the latest SG system developed by MVG," said Robin Pasquier, project engineer at MVG. "Our innovative mechanical oversampling coupled with a positioner capable of supporting heavy antennas make the best solution for Base Transceiver Station Antenna testing with an unparalleled accuracy. "