The rise in private 5G and 4G/LTE network deployments is rapidly expanding, as enterprises continue the digitization of their operations to boost automation and improve data security. 5G Americas announced the release of “Enterprise Evolution with 5G Adoption,” which explores how organizations are now supported by many 5G solutions from vendors across many industry verticals.

Chris pearson, president of 5G Americas said, “The promise of private 5G has been driving digitization trends that are laid down for Industry 4.0. While the private 5G enterprise ecosystem is still maturing, the technology is unleashing new solutions to meet changing enterprise needs.”

“Enterprise Evolution with 5G Adoption” focuses on developing deployment models, progressing Radio Access Network (RAN) technologies, emerging mobility requirements, as well as security and management needs that are being required by enterprises. It addresses the challenges of the complexity of the cellular RAN in initial enterprise adoption. For enterprise IT departments used to the ease of Wi-Fi deployment, the 5G RAN raises considerations involving additional spectrum requirements, coverage, device-centric use cases, performance per device, enterprise-owned and operated radios, virtualization and transport considerations.

Additionally, the white paper outlines factors involving enterprise mobility, including scenarios used by different industry verticals, cellular identity onboarding, mobility in an enterprise context, application-based vs network-based mobility, shared networks and roaming between public and private networks.

Some key topics surrounding enterprise deployment of private 5G networks (P5G) explored in this 5G Americas report include:

  • Enterprise deployment trends
  • RAN, mobility and security considerations
  • Additional management and operations implications.

Azita Kia, senior technical lead, Mobility CTO Office, Cisco said, “Private 5G has emerged as an important option to provide carrier grade network performance to enterprises. It continues to evolve and improve as use cases are better understood, and various aspects of end-to-end solutions mature. There will be an important role for Private 5G, as it co-evolves alongside other enterprise-ready technologies.”