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5G Forecast: 1.3 Billion by Year-End 2022

After three full years of growth, global wireless 5G adoption has reached the rapid acceleration phase, having exceeded a half-billion connections by the end of 2021 and forecast to reach 1.3 billion by the end of this year according to data from Omdia, said 5G Americas.

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Fixed Wireless Access to Help Narrow Digital Divide

5G Americas announced the publication of a new white paper entitled “Fixed Wireless Access with 5G Networks,” which details how FWA might impact the broadband market with attractive opportunities for 5G based residential service in both urban and rural geographies. 

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The Far Future of Next Generation Wireless Communications

5G Americas provides overview of Next G industry research and activities highlighting the evolution and future of mobile wireless networks

5G Americas announced the publication of a white paper Mobile Communications Beyond 2020 – The Evolution of 5G Towards Next G, which details this global work from several academic and industry organizations and presents potential use cases and technologies integral to the evolution of 5G towards the “Next G.”

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