We gathered some industry predictions and made a few of our own. See what these experts think is in store for us in 2023.

MWJ Swami Hindle’s 2023 Predictions – it will be the year of mmWave!
  • mmWave 5G installations will finally take off in the 24-39 GHz bands and Ka-Band SATCOM (I think I have predicted this for a couple of years so should be right this coming year)
  • mmWave body scanning systems will be installed in large numbers at airports and entertainment venues
  • 4D imaging mmWave radars will start to release on mainstream vehicles paving the way for autonomous operation of taxis, cars and trucks
  • Quantum computers will break 1000 qubits and be a growing market for microwave component/measurement companies
  • AI will expand into many uses in the microwave industry such as circuit optimization, auto tuning and matching, etc.
  • Drone defense tracking and defeat systems will perforate as the threats greatly increase due to the low cost and wide availability of commercial and military drones
  • Hypersonic missile defense systems will go into initial design and test as China, Russia and the US race for dominance in this area
  • Precision positioning technologies will find good market acceptance in security and convenience commercial applications
  • The market will see the first DC to 100+ GHz MMIC switches and 100+ GHz MMIC mixers
  • 3D/Additive manufacturing techniques will become widely used in the Rf/microwave market by dozens of companies