Fairview Microwave; an Infinite Electronics brand and a leading provider of RF, microwave and mmWave products; has broadened its line of high frequency RF adapters, which are engineered for optimal performance in space-limited applications requiring high frequency adapters. 

Fairview’s new series of 1.85 mm right-angle adapters provides 90-degree turns in spaces too small to accommodate the bending of coaxial cables. They also prevent excessive strain on cables used in tight spaces.

The new 1.85 mm right-angle adapters are manufactured to precise industry specifications and are widely used in the military and commercial markets for applications such as satcom, wireless communications, test and measurement, and R&D. 

Key features of these new 1.85 mm adapters include a maximum mode-free operating frequency of 67 GHz, a low VSWR of 1.35 (maximum) and intermateability with 2.4 mm connectors. They feature rugged stainless-steel construction for enhanced repeatability and reliability. 

“Our enhanced line of high-frequency, 1.85 mm right-angle adapters equips engineers with a collection of viable interconnect options to address a variety of application requirements,” said Amar Ganwani, senior product manager.

The full line of 1.85 mm right-angle adapters and other RF adapters is in-stock and ready for same-day shipment with no minimum order quantity.