Pendulum Instruments; a global expert in time and frequency measurement, analysis and calibration; announces the release of the new CNT-104S multi-channel frequency analyzer.

The CNT-104S combines the performance and characteristics of high performance universal frequency counters (UFCs) and time interval analyzers, offering the world’s first 4-channel UFC in a benchtop format.

The CNT-104S measures frequency, time, phase and time interval error simultaneously and gap-free on four parallel inputs. This new concept enables for example parallel frequency measurements of four different test objects, phase comparisons of four stable reference clocks, or multi-stop time interval measurements (one start and three stop). Measurements never before possible in a compact benchtop unit, without a lot of extra instrumentation, like switches and multiple UFCs

CNT-104S offers very high performance with time resolution of 7 ps, frequency resolution up to 13 digits/s, a measuring speed of up to 20 million measurements/s. The graphic user interface displays the results both numerically and graphically, with modulation /trend and value distribution graphs. Advanced graphic analysis enables smoothing of data and zooming in into the data with cursor read-outs of individual samples. Standard frequency range is up to 400 MHz and an optional RF input extends bandwidth up to 24 GHz. Prices start below 10k€.

“We have successfully supplied our CNT-90 counter/analyzer range to demanding customers around the globe for many years now, and we have seen an increased request for more parallel measurements. And now, we are very happy to offer the first 4-channel frequency analyzer. The multi-channels, high resolution and speed should fulfill what our customers in high-end metrology, research and advanced R&D have been looking for. Furthermore, the CNT-104S will be a perfect solution for test systems requiring multiple frequency counters, like oscillator manufacturing, at an affordable cost, since one single CNT-104S can replace four traditional counters in the test rack, a big space and cost saving," said Harald Kruger, global sales director of Pendulum Instruments.