PCB Power Market is set to bring forward and exhibit its latest RF and microwave PCBs from June19-24 2022 at IMS2022 in Denver, Colo. 

RF and microwave PCB manufacturing aid in the development of products that leverage regular radio and microwave frequencies. Circuit boards that operate above 100 MHz are considered RF PCB boards, while those that operate over 2 GHz as Microwave PCBs. RF and microwave PCBs offer a wide range of applications from consumer electronics to automotive to industrial usage. 

PCB Power Market is an electronics corporation having expertise in PCB manufacturing and is known for building innovative, functional and highly reliable PCBs that add an enormous capability to the products where they are embedded.

At the IMS2022 Expo, visitors can find RF and microwave PCBs with a unique combination of creative designs and superior quality material that deliver top-notch performance. 

PCB Power Market’s team will be present at booth #11014 at the Expo to provide customers with complete knowledge of all displayed RF and microwave PCBs. 

The latest RF and microwave PCBs offered by PCB Power Market offer: 

● Tight impedance tolerance and high signal-to-noise ratio

● Optimal quality material that withstands high-powered thermal, chemical and electrical frequencies

● Industry 4.0 compliance

● User-specified customizations. 

At this highly awaited IMS 2022 Expo, you can check out the numerous PCB designs offered by our company for both RF and microwave boards and get instant pricing along with the full quotation of PCBs for your business needs. You can reach out to us at IMS, at booth 11014 where our team will be available to guide you and counter your enquiries for all RF/microwave applications.