Keysight will be participating at the Automotive Testing Expo (ATE), the  leading international expo for every aspect of automotive testing, development and validation technologies. Keysight plans to demonstrate solutions that enable innovators to push the boundaries of engineering by quickly solving design, test and validation challenges to create the best autonomous and electric vehicle experiences. 

On display at the Keysight booth will be: 

    Keysight's Radar Scene Emulator (RSE): Keysight's Radar Scene Emulator enables automakers to lab test complex, real-world driving scenarios, accelerating the overall speed of test. This first-to-market technology combines hundreds of miniature radar target simulators into a scalable screen that can emulate objects with up to 512 pixel resolution and at distances as close as 1.5 meters.

    Keysight's Scienlab Battery Test Solution: Keysight's Battery Test Solution supports the research and development process of any battery cell, module and pack with innovative test systems, first-class control and test. This solution ensures optimized test lab operation by managing resources, hardware and information providing comprehensive functions for planning and execution of test procedures.

    Keysight's Scienlab Charging Discovery System: Keysight's Charging Discovery System enables customers to test charging interfaces of electric vehicles (EVs) and EV supply equipment during high-power charging up to 1,500 V DC and ±600 A DC. This solution emulates the charging communication, enables tests of electrical parameters for compliance with norms regarding conformance and interoperability and helps to reduce time-to-market with automated testing.

    Keysight's Automotive Networking Solutions: High speed in-vehicle network technologies enable communication, safety and convenience such as infotainment or back up cameras. Keysight's hardware and software-based solutions enable customers to test data, signal and network integrity with a variety of test and debugging tools ranging from transmit, receiver and interconnect to the protocols and timing that each need to meet.

    Keysight's V2X Test Suite: Keysight's V2X Test Suite uses the company's 5G test platform, hardware, software and service offerings to support RF, protocol and application-layer testing, as well as future releases of 5G new radio (NR) C-V2X, which enables customers to protect their initial investment and accelerate deployment of the technologies that enable advanced AV capabilities.

    Keysight's Radar Target Simulator (RTS): Keysight's next generation 79 GHz RTS provides instantaneous 5 GHz bandwidth, improved distance resolution with better noise performance for next generation imaging radar sensors. Combining the RTS with Keysight's unique palm size receiver calibrator simplifies achieving repeatable results for customers.