Microwave technology brings a new set of complex electronic test challenges, and Keysight will deliver a wide range of demonstrations covering high frequency test equipment and solutions that help customers design, simulate and test their latest innovations.

EuMW 2021 is Keysight’s 18th consecutive year as a Platinum sponsor and is committed to working with customers to tackle the world’s toughest uWave and mmWave test challenges.  

When: April 2 – 7, 2022   

Where: Royal Victoria Dock, 1 Western Gateway, ExCel, London

On display at the Keysight booth #2 will be:  

Keysight 5G and Wireless Solutions for Design and Test

  • mmWave R&D Testbeds: Accelerates time to market with measurements compliant to the latest 5G standards and enables research of 6G frequencies, wide bandwidths and new modulation schemes.
  • Simplified Wideband Test: Simplifies complex measurement setups and improves accuracy of active device characterization measurements, including error vector magnitude/noise power ratio (EVM/NPR), embedded local oscillator phase noise, group delay, noise figure and much more.
  • Compact VNA Solution: High-end, portable, mmWave component and materials measurements for 5G, 6G and automotive applications. Delivers rapid actionable insights without sacrificing bench space.
  • mmWave Circuit Simulation: Meets the challenges of 5G with a complete mmWave design flow, from circuit to system, using Keysight’s PathWave System Design and PathWave Advanced Design System.
  • Over the air (OTA) Field Signal Analysis: Displays key metrics from multiple base stations to identify frequency drifting, isolate power issues and investigate performance problems.
  • gNB Fading Performance: An integrated turnkey solution for 5G base station/Open RAN testing including 5G non-terrestrial networks use cases, MIMO OTA base station fading performance, mmWave base station fading performance, and massive MIMO base station fading performance.

Keysight Aerospace & Defense Solutions

  • Model-Based System Design: Offers a complete RF-aware design workflow, integrating decades of Keysight measurement science in RF instrumentation for end-to-end system designs
  • Phase Noise Test System: Delivers high-end phase noise test, using cross-correlation techniques to measure down to the thermal (kT) limits of physics
  • Digital Tx/Rx Module Test: Replaces weeks of in-house measurement and data analysis effort in a few minutes. Characterizes digital-baseband integrated RF front-end device performance with metrology-quality measurements.

Keysight Automotive Solutions

  • AV Radar Test: Validates performance and reliability of E-Band automotive radar modules with an analog radar target simulator.

Keysight technology experts are also hosting a number of workshops with several papers where attendees can learn about key topics and challenges associated with automotive, 5G, component test, aerospace and defense, as well as software design:

  • Results and Advances in mmWave On-wafer S-parameter Measurement Accuracy
  • Extending the Keysight 125 GHz Solution to 220 GHz
  • Beyond 5G: mmWave and THz Techniques of 6G Research
  • Optimizing Modulation Quality Measurements on Wide Bandwidth Signals – From Conformance Through R&D
  • Phase Noise in Next Generation Aerospace, Defense and Commercial Wireless Communications
  • A Superheterodyne 300 GHz Transmit Receive Chipset for Beyond 5G Network Integration
  • Road to Lab: Validation of ADAS/AD Functions Relying on Sensor Fusion
  • Multiple-Ray-Tracing Tool with SystemVue Sub THz Bands for 6G: 10x the Bandwidth with 10x the Problems?
  • Benchmarking of GHz Resonator Techniques for the Characterization of 5G/mmWave Materials
  • Quantifying Modulation Quality at the Physical Layer using Equalized Channel Capacity
  • Design of Calibration Structures for On-wafer S-parameters Measurements up to 500 GHz.