Times Microwave Systems, the preeminent brand in innovative RF and microwave interconnect assemblies, cables and connectors, introduced its new Clarity™ 110-SR semi-rigid test cable for advanced testing of military and aerospace applications, quantum computing, automotive radar, 6G and other applications requiring low loss and high phase stability at frequencies up to 110 GHz. The new Clarity 110-SR is specially designed to hold its shape after being bent around angles for installation within an enclosure for applications that require no movement of the cable assembly.

The Clarity 110-SR is the newest addition to Times Microwave Systems’ proven Clarity Series, known for its industry-leading performance and unparalleled value. The Clarity 110-SR performs comparably to the ultra-flexible Clarity™ 110 introduced in 2021, but the new SR version is a semi-rigid cable that accommodates tricky routing in tight spaces.

The Clarity 110-SR test cable is ultra-stable through 110 GHz with exceptionally low attenuation for critical mmWave high frequency measurements, where phase stability and repeatability are of concern. Clarity 110-SR features a simple, robust construction, made with just three components: a silver-plated copper center conductor, a solid PTFE dielectric and a bare copper tube outer conductor. The copper material provides the right combination of flexibility and rigidity for maintaining a configured form.

“The Clarity 110-SR is ideal for RF testing in high-technology applications where physical space is restricted,” said John Muzzio, applications engineer at Times Microwave. “The more complex and demanding applications—especially those requiring high frequencies—need to be supported with equally advanced testing—and at Times Microwave Systems, we continue developing the range of solutions required for any challenge.”

Times Microwave’s Clarity 110-SR test cable is available now within a five-week lead time for delivery.