Times Microwave Systems introduced its new Clarity™ 70 test cable designed to accommodate the higher frequencies required for automotive systems, 5G and other advanced testing. The Clarity 70 test cable is ultra-stable through 70 GHz with exceptionally low attenuation, and boasts steel torque, crush and overbend protection with abrasion resistance—without compromising flexibility. The design includes an ergonomic, stainless steel protective barrel strain relief and a hex coupling nut. Clarity 70 is the newest addition to Times Microwave Systems’ proven Clarity Series, known for its industry-leading performance and unparalleled value. 

Clarity 70 meets the needs of many applications including the higher frequency ranges of 5G bands. The new test lead offers a very repeatable, low insertion loss cable that functions throughout the desired frequency range to ensure a high-fidelity measurement. Tight phase control is a further parameter for optimizing system performance in 5G smart antennas. Clarity 70 offers a phasestable cable assembly that utilizes a microporous PTFE dielectric, coupled with a helically wound metalized interlayer to maintain flex, phase and amplitude stable test assembly. 

Test systems are also connected and disconnected often, and typically move from module to module. With high frequencies, this could require recalibration every time a module or cable is moved. Clarity 70 was designed with a long flex life to withstand extensive handling and can be easily moved around on a test bench, either in R&D or in a production environment. This helps to reduce the amount of recalibration required while maintaining stability. 

“5G and other advanced technologies have introduced new testing challenges in terms of repeatability, reliability, and reproducibility,” said John Muzzio, applications engineer at Times Microwave. “Clarity 70 features a broad frequency response, a rugged and durable construction, phase stability and a long flex life to enable our customers to test their innovative new products with ease.” Additionally, 1.85 mm connectors come standard with the Clarity 70. These connectors are designed to handle frequencies to 70 GHz and the rigors of testing. There are three 1.85 mm connector types, male, female and ruggedized female for use with vector network analyzers.